Byways One-Page PDF Media Kit Available for Viewing

Byways-iPad Digital Media Kit 11-2015

Download Byways Contract and Mechanical Specs (PDF)

Byways Advertising Contract & Specs

All advertising is featured in both the Turn-Key version of Byways and the App Store version at no additional cost.

Byways iPad Promotion (iPad Air or iPad Mini with LTE cellular) OR $400.00 Credit Option if you forgo the iPad.

All 3x Full Page contracts, all 4x 1/2 Page contracts, and all 6x 1/3 Page contracts now include a NEW 16GB Apple iPad 2, or iPad Mini 4 16GB WIFI or Apple Watch Sport in one of 12 configurations.

While the iPad program has been the most successful in Byways history, a number of advertisers were unable to take advantage of the program. These advertisers have a credit option which allows a direct reduction in the cost of a contract advertisement by $400.00 per contract. It is available to all 3x Full Page advertisers, all 4x 1/2 Page advertisers, and all 6x 1/6 Page advertisers.

Prepay for your contract and your new iPad will be on its way to you in 24-48 hours.

Byways Consumer App Version for iPads

Byways Magazine available for iPhones and iPads is available though the App Store.

The app version includes interactivity including video, music and more. Built from the ground up for the iPad, the app version of Byways is available for the consumer market for viewing on Apple’s iOS devices.

All advertising is included in the Turn-Key edition and App Store editions of Byways at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

All advertising includes embedded video link in your advertisement at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

All rates listed are NET rates.

Byways is an advertising supported, free subscription publication digitally distributed by email, to group tour planners.

Byways reaches more than 4,000 group tour planners who originate over 100,000 group tour departures annually.

Our advertising rates follow. For additional information, call 502-785-4875.

4-Color Advertising NET Rates

Page Size                                      1x               3x                 6x

  • Full Page                               799            749               699
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal           499            449**           399
  • 1/2 Page Vertical                499            449**           399
  • 1/3 Page                               399             349              299
  • 1/3 Page Square                 399             349              299
  • 1/4 Page                               299             249             199
  • 1/6 Page                               199              149               99
Advertising rates IN RED include bundled NEW Apple 16GB WI iPad OR qualify for $400.00 contract credit if you forgo the iPad.
** Requires four (4) insertions to qualify for iPad or iPad Mini or credit.
Complete Form to have a Byways Advertising Representative Contact You:

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