Byways Magazine has been featuring the leading travel destinations along the highways and byways of North America for nearly 30 years.

Our primary readers are professional tour planners, and Byways is distributed to them though turn-key format on the internet.

In 2012 Byways new interactive App format was approved by Apple for inclusion in Newsstand and the App Store, opening the publication to the consumer market for those with iPads.

The new app version includes interactivity featuring video, slide shows, music and more.  Built from the ground up for the iPad, the app version of Byways is available for the consumer market through Apple’s iPad.  Simply visit Newsstand on your iPad home page, and download the app and start receiving Byways.

Follow this link for additional information.

The turn-key (trade) version of Byways is targeted to:

4,000 Motorcoach Charter and Tour Planers
15,000 Professional Travel Agencies

This represents one of the most cost effective emailing lists in the travel industry, with a full-page advertising rate of $799.00.

We invite you to subscribe to Byways, and become part of our fast growing community.

Potential advertisers are invited to visit our advertising page above.  All advertising is featured in both the turn-key version of Byways and the Newsstand/App Store version at no additional cost.

2 thoughts on “Byways

  1. How exciting! The photography is great, and having this publication digitally not only saves trees, but immediately gives us the tourism information we need. Congratulations on an excellent tourism product!

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